About Us

The Practice

With a dedicated team of healthcare design architects, medical programmers, interior designers and other healthcare professionals, Helix provides comprehensive healthcare architectural design services for various healthcare facility types ranging from small scale day-care/primary healthcare centres to large scale multi-speciality, tertiary & quaternary-level healthcare delivery facilities.

Responsive to The Dynamics of Evolving Healthcare Service Delivery Environment

Our designers respond to the acute need for appropriate, cost-effective design strategies. Right-sizing physical infrastructure and systems are initiated right at the concept design stage. We endeavor to ensure that our designs are responsive to our clients’ individual and collective functional needs, financial goals & social objectives.

The healthcare delivery services environment is dynamic, to say the least. Evolving concepts in clinical processes & protocols, ‘evidence-based-practices’, evolving regulatory environment, rapid advancement in healthcare delivery technology, the need to conserve energy and natural resources – all these have significant impact on facility planning and design.

What We Believe

At Helix, our designs are guided by our belief that healthcare services need to be delivered in the most efficient manner possible. The facilities we design are rooted in the idea of simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, contextuality and sensitivity to the myriad needs of the client, patient, staff & the public.

We believe that all healthcare facilities must be planned and designed based on ‘lean’ principles.

We believe that a well-designed facility optimizes on initial capital investment, long term running costs, staffing requirements and energy consumption.

Good design enables positive clinical outcomes and enhances patient, staff and family satisfaction.


Our designers are sensitive to the effects of the physical environment on the patient, staff and the public. The quality and character of the environment has subtle yet profound influences on the users and occupants of a facility. We believe that the physical environment can be an integral component of therapy in the process of healing. Besides functional efficiency, well designed spaces, natural light, use of appropriate colours and art work based on nature themes are believed to enhance the healing experience and contribute towards better & relatively quicker positive outcomes.